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Celebrities continue to commit crimes because they have no reason to believe they will be punished for their acts.

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They figure why worry when they can write a check for a large amount of money and make the entire situation disappear. It is clear money is a huge factor in celebrities getting away with crimes. The ability to pay your way out of legal action and punishment is a luxury an average person does not have. This is proof that celebrities rarely receive an appropriate sentence thus contributing to their ability to get away with crime more easily.

The cases of the infamous Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan further support this claim. Her sentence was only one day in jail and 10 days community service. Even though these celebrities continuously commit these unlawful acts, it does not stop them from getting invited to exclusive parties, award shows, and big roles in movies and television shows.

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Their lifestyles and careers are not impacted by their legal troubles. They continue making the same mistakes because they know the consequences will not be severe; a fan of Lohan could be amongst the jury members.

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The judge and jury could be bias of not wanting to convict a celebrity that aids these people in getting away with crimes. For average felons, their crimes make it so they can barely get a job and financially support themselves. Society makes it very hard for the common man to reintegrate back into society after being charged with felony crimes.

Felons who are determined to turn their life around struggle, whereas celebrities continue to receive sports and movie contracts and at the same time continue breaking the law.

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The worst part is, he is right Miller 1. In many cases people will state that the celebrity life from what we can gleam from is an intriguing existence. Some might think celebrities are so deep into their fame that they lack the trait of accountability, making them not know that what they have done is wrong. This results in them not knowing how or why they should be under intense criticism. Despite the bad judgement and ignorance, It is still unacceptable to commit such crimes. These people can make excuses and deny responsibility, but everyone knows the difference between right and wrong.

It is as if the United States Justice System is a game of Monopoly, and they have just drawn a get out of jail free card.

Without any doubts, as long as you have money, fame, and power you can bypass even the United States justice system system. What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other. Username or Email. Academic Assignments Writing an Essay. Writing a Research Paper.

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References Dunsk, Hilary. Friedrich, Gail. The Broken Lives of the Famous.

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