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If you have the time, students can do an investigation on the Genetics of Wisconsin Fast Plants where they grow seeds that will also display the ratio. Students can then apply a chi square analysis to show that their hypothesis is correct.

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I enjoy this experiment because it features many concepts of biology, botany, and horticulture and many of my urban students have never had any experience with growing plants. Seeds can be ordered from Amazon or from most biological supply companies. Chi square analysis will also come up again when students do the Virtual Fruit Fly Lab , but the program has a built in calculator, students just need to input the observed and expected numbers. By the time students get to this activity, they should have a pretty good grasp of how the equation works and why it is important in data analysis.

Venue Held at Stoneleigh Park in Kenilworth, known as the home of agriculture, the event will house exhibitors throughout its 6, sqm site.

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Dairy-Tech in numbers…. Day s. Hour s. Minute s. Second s. Find out more…. Event Information Event information including venue access, opening times and ticket prices. Discuss AP Lab 4 and review Sem. I Final Essay Questions. May God Bless you and your family. Period 4: Period 6: Continue to study for Cumulative Final! View "C3 and C4 Plants.

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Period 6 Continue Photosynthesis — Light Reactions. View "The Light Reaction. Begin Energy, Metabolism and Enzyme Lecture competitive and non-competitive inhibition. Chapter 11, 12, 13 essay in Class 5 th Period for both classes — may leave when done or at 20 minutes!

Read Chapter 8. Finish Cellular Communications. Begin Cellular Communications. Begin Cell Communication. Prep for Test on Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 in class on Monday, November 21 st.

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Test on Chapters 7 ,11,12 and 13 in class on Monday, November 21 st. Discuss Cell Cycle. It is very important to read BOTH!!! No Lab Scheduled.

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Finish Chapter 6 Finer Points. Change lab Partners. Water Potential Sample Problems due.

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  • Finer points of Chapter 6 Lecture. Study for Chapter 6 and 7 Quiz Monday, November 5 th. Record your answers on the paper handout. Prepare for quiz on cell organelles and Chapter 6 on Friday, November 5 th. Solve unknown sucrose molarity values and work on lab write-up.

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    AP Lab 4 due Tuesday, October 25 th. Prepare for quiz on cell organelles and Chapter 6 and 7 on Monday, November 5 th. Period 4 - M ass out potato cores from AP Investigation 4 and record data. Chapter 7 — Membrane Structure and Function.

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    Period 6 — Finish Organic Chemistry. M ass out potato cores from AP Investigation 4 and record data. Period 4 — Finish Organic Chemistry. Work on Ch. For Thursday, October 11 th : Read Chapter 5. Finish Chapter 4 Carbon. Return CH Test and Essay.