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The fact is that schools now employ a merit system for compensation of teachers, namely years of service and degrees earned. The study by Hoz and his colleagues clearly raises questions about these salary criteria, if knowledge of subject matter and pedagogical knowledge are related to competence as a teacher. There has been relatively little recent research to test the latter assumption, but in the past, Anderson ; found little relationship between subject-matter preparation and student achievement in school science.

In the recently developed MAT Master of Arts in Teaching program for science and mathematics teachers at COmell University, we chose to select students in the junior year of their undergraduate studies and to have them begin coursework in education at the same time. We wanted them to observe, from early on, the faulty learning patterns and knowledge structures of college and high school students, in part by conducting structured clinical interviews of students and by doing tutorial work. For most of the students in our programs, the meaning of meaningful learning was totally new, and shifting their learning to predominantly meaningful learning patterns was not easy.

This situation is not hopeless, however.

We have been pleased with the progress we have seen in our MAT students as they advanced through our three-year program. While the Beyerbach and Smith study and the Hoz, Tomer, and Tamir study suggest some of the problems and issues that need to be addressed, they also show some of the promise for the use of tools such as concept mapping in research and teacher preparation. The general picture recognized today is that American science education lags behind that of most technologically advanced countries.

Concept mapping, I believe, provides a way to overcome this problem. As noted previously, most preservice and in-service teachers we have worked with still see science as a large body of information to be mastered, and less often as a method for constructing new knowledge about the universe.

It remains an enormous challenge to help teachers and their teachers i. There are fundamental epistemological problems that need to be addressed, as well as fundamental psychological problems that need attention Novak, ; Duschl, Solving these problems will not be easy.

The concept map as a learning tool. Improvement of students' motivation to learn English literature

Working with teachers in grades four through eight, a series of concept maps was constructed during six three-and-one-half-hour sessions. They found significant changes in the maps the teachers prepared, moving toward better hieWhical m g e m e n t with more fundamend superordinate concepts and greater detail, explicitness. They conclude that the use of concept maps with these teachers changed their view of curriculum-with important implications for teaching and learning. To construct these, Fisher and her colleagues have used a cut-and-paste technique which they have found useful for curriculum planning.

Although chapter authors only received minimal training in the technique of concept mapping, most produced good maps to represent the knowledge structure of their chapters. Moreover, it was relatively easy to see the interrelationships between concepts in various chapters.

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Similar materials can be found in other recently published science textbooks. Textbooks form the curriculum for most science courses and those textbooks written for the least-able students evidence the least elaboration of concepts. Yet most studies dealing with reading comprehension show that texts which provide more elaboration of the ideas presented are more comprehensible, especially to novices, than texts which offer less elaboration.

Lloyd reviews other issues related to reading comprehension and some relevant research. Lloyd selected the topic of photosynthesis and compared three different textbooks, targeting three different student populations, on the degree of elaboration of the concept of photosynthesis. Using concept maps to represent the concepts and relationships in each textbook, Lloyd found the least elaboration of photosynthesis in the textbook written for the least-able population of students. This, she concludes, is not likely to help these students understand photosynthesis-a basic biological phenomenon.

A study with two or three student populations on two or three textbook passages would help to provide a more definitive answer to the question of the extent to which better elaboration of concepts in textbooks might improve the scientific literacy of our graduates. The challenge has been not only to help students elaborate the conceptual understanding they already possess, but especially to modify those knowledge structures that contain misconceptions or alternative conceptions or frame- works.

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The latter has been notoriously intractable to conventional classroom instruction. These data show that concept maps can be a highly sensitive tool for measuring changes in knowledge structure, especially when carefully controlled, quality instruction is offered. In his comment. Z0k-r raises the issue of whether or not concept maps can apply to all subject matter. In the one and one-half decades that we have worked with this tool, we have not found any subject matter domain that is not amenable to representation with concept maps. Some researchers make the distinction between conceptual knowledge and procedural knowledge.

We see no epistemological foundation for this Novak, There are significant epistemological issues that need to be addressed regarding rep- resentation of knowledge and knowledge structures, but that discourse moves beyond the scope of this special issue. Linn and her colleagues will undoubtedly speak to many relevant epistemological concerns. Interest in this subject has increased dramatically in recent years and I would anticipate that this increase will continue exponentially for the next decade or two.

For three-quarters of a century, behavioral psychology, driven by empiricisvpositivist epistemology, dominated the field of psychology and influenced education e. Cognitive psychologies have now largely displaced behavioral psychology, especially with respect to human learning. The recent international conference on the history and philosophy of science in science teaching held at Florida State University points toward new thinking that is needed in order to employ learning tools effectively see Herget, References Anderson, K. The relative achievement of the objectives of secondary school science in a representative sample of fifty-six Minnesota schools.