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To date, the fund has provided tuition assistance to hundreds of students and has received donations from hundreds of additional generous persons. Named in honor of a fine writer and longtime friend of The Muse, The Fund will support writers in their ongoing education through participation in writers conferences and other craft-development opportunities.

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We will award funding at levels determined by need and available funds. Right now the fund is in need of donations.

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Skip to content. Learn the history, forms, genres, and techniques of nonfiction writing. As you create your own body of work, you will study the evolving role of nonfiction writing in literature. Discover your poetic voice and develop your craft as you write the poems that are meaningful to you.

Critical reading in literature courses informs your creative work and helps you become a more effective writer. Combined with your writing workshops, these electives will open your eyes to the many ways writing enables you to participate in contemporary conversations on social and cultural change. Creative Writing students also have the chance to study their craft internationally through a number of global learning experiences.

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Each of these opportunities will help you develop skills for a variety of careers and creative practices. Like our students, our faculty members are diverse in every sense of the word. They are practicing, publishing writers; they are artists who teach. Can you find the right story from data or research AND tailor it to your audience? Need to up your game and become a better writer at work?

We guide teams and coach individuals to connect message to audience, using tools and techniques that help them think strategically, work efficiently, and communicate effectively. We teach our business writers the same way we teach our creative writers: by emphasizing craft, emotion, and action. Our programs are high-energy and fun. But we engage students with tools and innate storytelling techniques.

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If you prefer online programs, our unique online classroom is very intuitive and interactive, and we can create options for a custom-built self-directed or instructor-led online program. See Our Training Workshops.

Curriculum Design. Follow-up coaching is an excellent option for those who would benefit from continued learning and intensive review. Participants receive critical feedback on a work in progress.

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Read Articles. You may need a quick refresher, or a more complex program. StoryStudio pulls from its vast collection of courses, modules, and unique brand of creativity to devise the perfect program for your team.

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View Programs. When customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders receive your written words, they form opinions about you, your employees, your brands, and the quality of your organization. By teaching story craft, we get people beyond their fears so they can get down to the business of communicating.

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