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This assignment invites students to tell the story of their own growth and development over the course of a semester in which they engaged in an internship. The internship is full time, Monday through Thursday for 15 weeks in the fall and spring and nine weeks in the summer.

Finally, students all engage in the LEAD Colloquium—a series of professional development workshops, professional arena explorations, and civic engagement activities.

Student Profile. All of these students complete this capstone reflection. The following profile reflects our most recent demographics.

Learning Outcomes. Internships are usually highly unscripted experiences in which the learning is often emergent. What is more, the range of learning outcomes students can achieve through internships is quite broad. Given its timing at the end of this kind of experience, the Capstone Reflection provides direct evidence of Integrative Learning.

It is useful also to think of internships as informing learning pathways that might cut across multiple domains of the DQP Grose This Capstone Reflection Assignment might articulate learning in multiple domains. Additionally, depending upon the nature of the internship, the Capstone Reflection will likely also speak to proficiency developed in other domains of the DQP. They may even need to conduct library research to gather information about the history and specialized aspects of a place or an activity.

Profile Essays:.

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Take readers behind the scenes of familiar places or introduce readers to unusual places and people. Present scenes and people vividly and concretely through description, action, and dialogue. Create a dominant impression of the subject. Purpose and Audience Considerations:. Readers expect profiles to present information in an engaging way, however.

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Whether profiling people, places, or activities, the writer must meet these expectations. Although a reader might learn as much about a subject from an encyclopedia entry, reading the profile is sure to be more enjoyable.

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Readers of profiles expect to be surprised by unusual subjects. If the subject is familiar, they expect it to be presented from an unusual perspective. When writing a profile, you will have an immediate advantage if your subject is a place, an activity, or a person that is likely to surprise and intrigue your readers. Even if your subject is very familiar, however, you can still engage your readers by presenting it in a way they had never before considered.

Since readers must imagine the subject profiled and understand the new information offered about it, the writer must carefully assess what readers are likely to have seen and to know.

Profile writers must also consider whether readers are familiar with the terminology they want to use. Because profiles involve information, they inevitably require definitions and illustrations. Since profile writers are not writing technical manuals or textbooks, they can choose to define only terms that readers need to know to follow what is going on. Some concepts or activities will require extended illustrations. Summary of Basic Features:.

An Intriguing, Well-Focused Subject:. The subject of a profile is typically a specific person , place , or activity. Skilled profile writers make even the most mundane subjects interesting by presenting them in a new light.

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They many simply take a close look at a subject usually taken for granted, or they surprise readers with a subject they had never thought of. Whatever they examine, they bring attention to the uniqueness of the subject, showing what is remarkable about it. A Vivid Presentation:. Profiles particularize their subjects rather than generalize about them. Choose a historical figure of your choice and critically analyze their role and how their ideologies would be received if they were alive today. Describe a company that you feel gives back to the society, highlighting the activities that they engage in besides their normal business.

Describe the role of a father in the household, highlighting why every family needs to have a responsible father if possible.

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Describe the importance of your learning institution in your life, focusing on the benefits that you have attained since you joined. Describe your favorite smartphone, highlighting reasons why you would choose it over any other. Describe a subject that you love and understand so well. Provide an accurate description of a concert you have ever attended, or one you hope to attend in the future. Online Help Get essays Writing service.