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Required clinical experiences are completed during the two academic years and second summer.

Master of Athletic Training

These experiences frequently require commitments outside of the normal academic day and semester including evenings and weekends and, in some instances, necessitate personal transportation to clinical sites off campus. Students should keep these realities in mind when considering employment and other extracurricular obligations. They should also anticipate purchasing appropriate clothing for various clinical settings. There will be a maximum of five slots in the program available to students through the MS in 5 option.

Students enrolled at CSS may apply for the MS in 5 option during fall of their junior or equivalent year.

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Transfer candidates must complete a minimum of 12 CSS credits before application. At the conclusion of the fourth year, students will receive a BA in Health Sciences. Requirements for the BA in Health Sciences are as follows:. In addition to the MS in AT application materials required for post-baccalaureate admissions, students must successfully complete the following to merit consideration:.

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Students apply directly to the master's program for matriculation following completion of an undergraduate degree. Requirements for admission must be completed accordingly. Students in category 2 may be considered if there are vacant slots and the candidate falls below minimum requirements in one or more categories but otherwise shows potential for satisfactory performance in the graduate program. Students must address any deficiencies on their essay. Post Baccalaureate applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning Jan.

Upon acceptance, entry into the program begins in June. Once in the program, students must be enrolled full time, and all courses and clinical experiences must be successfully completed in the required sequence. Alterations in progression may be considered on an individual basis.


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Page Navigation. Another reason is that the growing population of baby boomers are injured more easily while taking part in sports. In addition, companies are hiring athletic trainers to show employees how to lift items and conduct other physical activities correctly to reduce injuries on the job.

Becoming an athletic trainer opens the door to a professional career. A four-year athletic training degree program includes courses in human anatomy, exercise physiology, rehabilitation, nutrition and sport psychology. Certification allows a trainer to specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses that afflict athletes.

Or, a trainer can apply to a related health care program, such as physical therapy or medical school. Caring about the well-being of athletes is an excellent reason for becoming an athletic trainer.

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Athletic trainers advise and train athletes in how to avoid injuries and how to use proper equipment and protective devices. In the event of an injury at a sporting event, an athletic trainer is generally the first to arrive on the scene, evaluating and assessing the injury for immediate care. Athletic trainers also work with physicians to treat and rehabilitate injuries so an athlete can get back in the game as quickly as possible. A passion for sports is another reason an individual chooses a career as an athletic trainer, which combines the pleasure of having a professional job in sports and working closely with often admired athletes.

Some athletic trainers work for rehabilitation centers and doctor's offices and have regular hours.

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  8. Others travel with sports teams. As someone who has usually grown up with sports, an athletic trainer brings his own personal experiences to the job. According to a study by Ashland University, athletic trainers report very high job satisfaction. Skip to main content.