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All Victorian courts: Accessing transcripts of criminal cases Accessing transcripts of civil cases. High Court of Australia: Selected transcripts are available online from the High Court of Australia transcripts website. Many police records are closed for privacy reasons. When records are closed it is from the time of the record's creation for 75 years for adults or 99 years for children - see section 9 of the Public Records Act for more information.

There are a number of very useful research guides to help you find historic police records held at the PROV and other archives and museum.

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Some of these records have been transcribed or indexed, which will make your search much easier:. Court cases in Australia Find information about court cases, including law reports, judgments, newspaper articles, police records and commentaries. Court records Accessing judgments 'A judgment outlines the facts of the case, discusses the evidence and refers to legislation and case law upon which the judicial decision is based.

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  • Accessing court records When it comes to recent cases, records apart from judgments may not be accessible, for privacy reasons. More ways to find information about a case With so many newspaper articles historic and current now available online, they are an excellent way of tracking the developments and results of a court case. Victoria - recent resources. Most records start from the late s but the Victorian Law Reports covering the Supreme Court begin with and run to the present under a number of different names.

    Supreme Court Victoria judgments and sentences A collection of the Court's decisions, judgment summaries, sentences, class action details and proceedings from the Court of Appeal. Current criminal cases Supreme Court of Victoria Printed publication. Covers selected cases , , County Court Victoria judgments to current. CrimeNet This pay-per-view website provides information about convicted criminals, cross-referenced by name, type of crime and occupation of criminal. It aims to record 'convictions of any person who has been convicted of one or more offences and sentenced to imprisonment to a term of not less than three months', 'convictions relating to sex offences, paedophilia, fraud and violence', and 'convictions of persons in positions of public trust'.

    Note : This database does not include every person convicted in Australia. Walata tyamateetj: a guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria Online. Points to criminal trial briefs in the Public Record Office Victoria up to Victoria - historic resources. Crime in the Port Phillip district Book.

    Includes extensive references to court cases, using information gathered from newspapers, government and court archives, and published histories. Also provides background information about the law and courts during this period. Name and subject indexes available on publisher's website.

    Printed copies of these indexes are shelved next to the book. Subject index allows you to search for mentions of specific types of crimes, for example pig-stealing, or sexual offences against males. Uhl index to criminal trial briefs Website. It appears that these records have been digitised and made available online see 'Victoria Australia, selected trial brief Briefs include the documentation created by Crown prosecuters when individuals were committed for trial on indictable and capital offences more information. Trials relating to these offences were held in either the Supreme or Court of General Sessions now known as the County Court.

    Note that the Public Record Office Victoria holds a more complete index on microfilm. Uhl index of Victorian Supreme Court records, Books. Index of soldiers, index of seamen, index of pastoral properties, index of place names, index of convicts to Tasmania. Index of police V. Our team of family lawyers in sydney can assist you by advising in relation to, commencing or responding to property proceedings which have been initiated. Our team is very familiar with court processes, requirements and proceedings and can explain these to you and guide you along the way, should the decision to go to court be made.

    Many of our matters in which the Court has become involved have nevertheless settled through agreement between the parties, while others have proceeded to a final hearing in order to determine the just and equitable division of property. Either way, our team of lawyers are prepared to work in your best interests to achieve the right property settlement. Here at Rafton Family Lawyers we are committed to delivering the best quality service to you, at the most affordable price. We do this by providing honest, thorough and reliable legal advice from day one.

    A Will is a legal document that advises of your wishes for your assets after your death. A valid Will must: Be in writing. Be signed by the maker and such signature be witnessed by two independent witnesses. Be made by a person who has testamentary capacity. Be made It authorises an executor or executors to manage the estate of a deceased person in accordance with the provisions of the deceased's will.

    The executor is the person who is It is usually used when the deceased did not leave a will, or the original will cannot be located. Whilst not a long term option, the issue of supervision is one that is considered by the Courts on a daily basis.

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    The Family Law Act places a significant emphasis on the need to maintain the relationship between children and each of their parents whilst When a person dies it is often the case that a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration is required for the Estate to be distributed to beneficiaries.

    In Australia each state has a different set of rules which apply when contesting a Will, so it is exceptionally important that if you intend on contesting a will, you do it in your state. Family Lawyers Richmond. Family Lawyers Parramatta.

    Family Lawyers Penrith. Family Lawyers Sydney.

    Divorce Lawyers Sydney. Separation Lawyers Sydney. Highly qualified and experienced sydney family lawyers. Meet The Team.

    Parramatta Family Law Specialists. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia defines and protects rights in two different ways: through express rights and through implied rights.

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    Express rights are sometimes called specific rights or entrenched rights. As the name suggests, express rights are clearly expressed or outlined in the text of the Constitution. They are clear, concrete and can only be removed by changing the wording of the Constitution. Implied rights, as their name suggests, are not clearly expressed in the words of the Constitution, however are nevertheless suggested or inferred by them. While express constitutional rights are apparent to everyone, implied rights are derived from the rulings and constitutional interpretation of the High Court.

    There are five express rights contained in the Constitution. The information sheet below covers these five express rights. The Resource Sheet - "What is child absue and neglect?

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    The interview with Margaret Cunneen starts at 44 minutes and 53 seconds on the video. As they were having their drinks, a gunman walked in and from that point on Louisa's life would never be the same. Since then, Louisa has forgiven the gunman and started a foundation called the Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses at Prince of Wales hospital.

    There is also information on the latest credit legislation in " Hot Topics 72 — Consumer Credit ". How Laws are Made, presented as two minute films: Parliament and Courts, provides an overview of where Australian laws come from and how new laws are made.