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When she was running for the Senate, Hillary's psephologists discovered that the one group that really hated her was white, middle-aged men of property. She got the whole thing immediately — I heard she said, "I remind them of their first wife.

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I mean, why not put it the true way, that these people got to meet me, and wanted to? Otherwise it sounds like I spent my life hustling around trying to meet people: "Oh, look, there's the governor.

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People in my situation get to read about themselves whether they want to or not. It's generally wrong. Or oversimplified — which is sometimes useful. For a writer, memory is everything.

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But then you have to test it; how good is it, really? Whether it's wrong or not, I'm beyond caring. It is what it is. As Norman Mailer would say, "It's existential. We're the most captive nation of slaves that ever came along. The moral timidity of the average American is quite noticeable. Everybody's afraid to be thought in any way different from everyone else.

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As the Greeks sensibly believed, should you get to know yourself, you will have penetrated as much of the human mystery as anyone need ever know. I wasn't like everyone, you know. What everyone did, I was sure not to do.

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Berman does a brief tour of the American horizon, revealing a cultural death valley. In secondary schools where evolution can still be taught too many teachers are afraid to bring up the subject to their so often un-evolved students.

Religion is used to explain terror attacks as part of a cosmic conflict between Good and Evil rather than in terms of political processes Manichaeanism rules across the United States. Vidal never wrote the Great American Novel. Despite his crushing forthrightness on many topics, Vidal preferred ambiguity in the personal realm. Vidal, who was never married and had no children, wrote in his memoirs about sexual contacts with men, including Kerouac, the Beat poet and writer.

But, to the dismay of gay activists, Vidal rejected efforts to put him in any sexual category.

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His companion of 53 years was Howard Auster, whom he met in New York in the s when Auster was a singer trying to get a job in advertising. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.

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    Gore Vidal dies at 86; iconoclastic author

    Above, Vidal in July 31, Gore Vidal was impossible to categorize, which was exactly the way he liked it. Elaine Woo. Elaine Woo is a Los Angeles native who has written for her hometown paper since More From the Los Angeles Times. Ed Cray, prolific author and L. Alicia Alonso, the grande dame of Cuban ballet, has died.