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One country in particular stands above all the rest looking back in history. Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia in BC, when it became the first African nation, has hit its bottom and cannot get any worse. Famine, hunger, fear, and hopelessness are all emotions running through the average Ethiopian. The latest string of famine to strike was not to long ago.

From to , nearly 1. That was the culmination of nearly two decades of famine that claimed more than seven million lives. Ethiopia was not the only African country to suffer from famine during these two decades.

Hunger in Africa Essay

From around to , all of northeastern Africa had gone through periods of drought. In the neighboring countries of Ethiopia, many other millions of lives were claimed, including the countries of Sudan, Chad, Yemen, and Somalia.

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Fortunately during this period of time, in these countries, farmers were able to produce enough crops to relieve some of the hunger and starvation. Everything in their power was done to help save the lives of others, and they even stored grain in case of future droughts. In Ethiopia, many other factors prevented the people from preparing for the unavoidable droughts.

Many factors worked together with the drought conditions to make the situation even worse. As a result, Ethiopia did not just experience periods of famine between and like its neighbors, but instead it suffered from two decades of continuous famine. Land abuse, overpopulation, political conflicts, and dry weather didn't help things out either. Africa was always a target for hot weather and dry lands. Many strings of famines and droughts struck throughout time. Ethiopia does not contain much city-like features, but just the opposite.

Thousands of Ethiopians were farmers who worked voluntarily to survive. During the 70s political conflicts began and, during the time, thegovernment owned the land. The people soon found out that they were not farming for themselves but rather for many other people of their country as well. They had to build barracks in which as many as fifty families, or about two hundred people, were crowded into a single area which is seventy-five feet long as shelter. Resettlement areas were also built by the people of Ethiopia.

Lots of trees and dry grass had to be cleared out before any farming of any type could occur. They also had to build single-family homes and other buildings as well. Those workers who chose not to work, or who were too ill to work, were left in the barracks permanently, to die. Most volunteers for resettlement were also unaware that they had become part of the government's new collective farming experiment. Under this program, no peasant owned his own land.

The farms belonged to the government, and the farmers were expected to work together to make the farms productive. This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more.

Food and Hunger: A photo essay from @WFPUSA

Famine In Ethiopia Essay words - 4 pages. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. Some military training. Emporer Haile Selassie Essay words - 3 pages incarcerated in a system that favored the royalty, nobility and a few other dignitaries. The vast majority of the people were condemned into the lives of serfdom, tenancy and abject poverty. Most believe great events beget great men some argues that they begged failures too.

5 things you need to know about climate change and hunger

They both require courage. These are the facts Haile Selassie of Ethiopia has. Ethiopia words - 7 pages incredibly The severe drought in Ethiopia has caused their main economic source to be hit really hard. Many farmers and their families are dying of malnutrition. Many people die every day because there is no money to treat them. Ethiopia has an extremely poor health status, even compared to poorer countries. The health service coverage is As we.

Refugees and Internally Displaced Peoples within the Horn of Africa words - 7 pages two-thirds, or 7.

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This paper will attempt to shed a light on the plight of refugees and IDP and their potential impact on interests of the United States U. Eritrea has the lowest number of refugees and IDP with almost 32, We offer a variety of ways to make your voice heard. Meet other Global Citizens who care about the same issues you do.

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Keep updated on what they're doing to change the world. Find out more about Global Citizen. There is enough food to feed every man, woman, child and baby on earth: the issue is access and justice. When disaster strikes, WFP is the first on the ground to deliver food to the people that need it most, whether last year's famine in the Horn of Africa to the more than 10 million people in the Sahel we're working to reach now. But disaster relief is just the beginning. As the largest humanitarian organization in the world, WFP helps break the cycle of hunger and malnutrition by helping individuals, families, and communities become self sufficient and withstand future food crises.

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