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Our Industrial Design Program culminates with a fully researched, prototyped, and tested design solution -- the highlight of your student portfolio. Jump to Navigation. California College of the Arts. Request Info Apply Now.

Innovation for the Future In our Industrial Design Program you will hone your own groundbreaking ideas and designs as you work alongside those who are inventing the future. Apply Now Request Info.

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Share This Page. At first, I had no idea what Industrial Design was, my interest in came from a hobby acquired during my time in high school.

Photography was a huge outlet for me. The idea of capturing and creating moments in time drew me into this creative field.

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  • SCAD Senior Thesis!

The funny thing is, I never took any art or design classes. It grew out of pure passion, interest, and curiosity. During my childhood, I would take things apart to see how they functioned, especially those with many moving parts. After graduating high school, I researched different majors that encompassed my passions with photography, editing, creating — leading me to graphic design.

The one missing element was the hands-on aspect; where my passion to create anything you can think of was possible. Furthering my research I found Industrial Design.


ID is very broad and encompasses all design aspects. From photography, product design, art, engineering and much more. My interest in design came from my passions, and love for creativity. It just so happened to be packaged in the form of Industrial Design.

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Bonus : Put yourself in situations that allow you to learn and gain as many experiences as possible. At the end of the day, we are designing a better world. Your designs should be human-centered.

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  7. Industrial Design Senior Thesis Presentation | College of the Arts!
  8. As a designer, you will learn that you have a social responsibility to create a better world for those who need it most. The experiences you have in life allow you to empathize with others. My favorite project was my Senior Thesis — SupplyAid. Supply Aid is a service that connects different companies, local government, and people by coordinating relief goods using an emergency kit to provide assistance to those affected by natural disasters.

    Industrial Design Senior Thesis Presentation

    I focused on disaster relief because my family was directly affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. I wanted to see how design could create value and change the experience by those affected. Storytelling is crucial in all areas of design.