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If you take this test in Calgary, you will have the chance to attend an orientation and timed trial prior to your scheduled test. They will review your file to determine if you are suitable for hire. If you receive a conditional job offer, you are required to meet the conditions listed in it before you can start recruit training. A number of things will happen at this step; we will explain everything in detail when you reach this step. You will be:. We have put together a list of resources that may help you with our pre-screening process.

Skip to main content. Skip to search. Search field Submit search Submit search. Submit search. In addition, the applicant will be required to undergo a medical examination, which may include a drug screening, prior to appointment. Effective January 28, , a relative may only be hired under the following additional conditions:. Please advise Human Resources of special needs by calling Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Fire Network Blogs. Raising Ladders S.

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EMS Network Blogs. In effect, they will coach them on how to answer the questions. Certainly, the investigator will interview the people listed by the candidate, but they will also ask the individual for the name of five friends. They will interview the five new people and when completed, will ask for five more friends and so on.

The investigator will knock on the door of your neighbors and show them a Polaroid picture the same one taken on the day of your initial background interview. If your neighbor tells the investigator that it looks like you, but the nose ring and bandana that you always wear are missing, the cat is out of the bag.

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In other words, the investigator has learned a lot about you. Will this disqualify you? Probably not, but it now gives the investigator cause to look deeper into your profile. This scenario is the number one reason that when I speak to a group of fire science students, I encourage them to look the part. The students constantly assure me that when they start testing, they will shave off the goatee and get a haircut. It is important to note that we are not looking to hire the person who can do a complete makeover in 30 days or less.

City of Madison Fire Department

If you changed that quickly to get the job, it stands to reason that you will change back after you get it. We are looking to hire people who authentically live their lives in a positive fashion.

Are there automatic disqualifications for the background process? Yes and no. What does this mean? It depends on the agency and on the feelings of the fire chief. Some common causes for automatic disqualification include the following: any drug use through injection i. Of course, these are generic, but most agencies will have a policy dealing with any of the above cases. For some it may be an automatic disqualification, while other agencies may be more lenient and receptive to a reasonable explanation.

How to Survive the Background Investigation

If a candidate has a blemish on his or her record that is not considered an automatic disqualification, the investigator will look further into the background. The intent is to determine if the infraction is a one-time incident or a pattern of poor choices. Oftentimes a driving under the influence arrest was the proverbial accident waiting to happen. In other words, a candidate tells the investigator that after the annual company picnic, he or she had too much to drink.

The designated driver was nowhere to be found and the candidate had to get home to feed his or her cats. It was a matter of life and death. As luck would have it, the candidate rear-ended a police car and was arrested for driving under the influence. It was just an isolated incident that could have happened to anybody, right?

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This is easily uncovered by interviewing your friends, who vouch for the fact that you are able to hold your liquor. When it is revealed that you play softball in a beer league every Tuesday night with the guys from the shop, the investigator will easily identify that you drink every Tuesday night. The connection is now made complete that after drinking during the weekly softball game, the candidate hops into his restored pickup and drives home.

Grand Prairie Fire Department Hiring

If, on the other hand, it does appear to be an isolated event, the investigator will want to know what you have learned from the event. A candidate who was arrested for driving under the influence four years ago, has since quit drinking and is now a designated driver on the major holidays and a spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD , will certainly be considered above the previous candidate. A person who has smoked marijuana is usually not eliminated unless it was done in recent history.

Some departments will eliminate a candidate if it was done after the candidate decided he or she wanted to become a firefighter. This is another example of poor decision making. Unfortunately, it seems to be on the rise. If smoking marijuana were an automatic disqualification, the fire and police agencies across the country would not be able to hire most new employees. The applicant pool would simply be too small.

Most people have some past indiscretions that, if given the choice, they would change.

Wholetime Firefighter Recruitment Process - Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

That is what we call life experience. If the individual is honest and forthcoming with information and has not made any life-altering decisions, as mentioned above, he or she should have no problem passing a comprehensive background check. It is important to note that if a candidate believes he or she may have difficulty with a background investigation, he or she probably will.