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Since each slide only needs a few lines of text, the SlideShare feels especially digestible. While Asana's case study design looks initially text-heavy, there's good reason -- it reads like a creative story, and is told entirely from the customer's perspective. Amp Agency's Patagonia marketing strategy aimed to appeal to a new audience through guerilla marketing efforts and a coast-to-coast roadtrip.

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Their case study page effectively conveys a voyager theme, complete with real photos of Patagonia customers from across the U. Personally, I liked Amp Agency's storytelling approach best, which captures viewers' attention start-to-finish simply because it's an intriguing and unique approach to marketing. Budweiser's one page, poster-esque case study is a good reflection of a brand knowing its audience.

Anomaly's case study for Budweiser appears edgy and modern, with a design that playfully pushes the text to the right as it showcases pictures of social media influencers wearing a campaign-related t-shirt. Both the top and the bottom of the page are eye-catching, and the text itself is simple and straightforward.

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Sometimes, starting with the results is the best way to capture your readers' attention. In Clinique's case study , AdRoll does just that, beginning with some impressive numbers: "8. Once it has boldly outlined their results, AdRoll smartly pulls back to discuss the "Benefits of Personalized Ads", letting the viewer consider how these same benefits might help their own company.

The page is short and sweet and ends with a compelling call-to-action -- "AdRoll has generated revenues in excess of seven billion for its customers.

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Try it now. If your case study results benefited people, there's likely no better way to showcase that than through on-screen interviews. If you've got a case study with dense text, one of the more creative solutions to breaking it up could be to organize it by pages. Levi's case study uses this method -- their page one, for instance, is labeled "Introduction", while page two is labeled "Weaknesses in the late s". Each page tackles a different topic, and the design makes it feel more like reading a book than a business article.

What's great about CTP's case study page for their Red Sox Season Campaign is their combination of video, images, and text -- a video automatically begins playing when you visit the page, and as you scroll, you'll see additional embedded videos of Red Sox players, a compilation of print ads, and social media images you can click to enlarge. At the bottom, it says "Find out how we can do something similar for your brand. Sometimes, simple is key. Genuine's case study for BIC razor's is straightforward and minimal, with only two short paragraphs, "The Insight" and "The Solution", accompanied by two images.

The simplicity of the page allows the reader to focus on the sense of humor in the text, like "Helping a consumer find their perfect match and making them smile along the way means gaining a brand loyalist for life. Or until they grow a beard. Despite its length, Apptio's case study is appealing enough to keep viewer's attention. Zendesk's Airbnb case study reads like a blog, and focuses equally on Zendesk and Airbnb, highlighting a true partnership between the companies.

To captivate readers, it begins like this: "Halfway around the globe is a place to stay with your name on it. At least for a weekend. In a case study meant to highlight Zendesk's helpfulness, nothing could be more authentic than their decision to focus on Airbnb's service in such great detail. If you didn't know this video was a case study for Hootsuite , you'd assume it was simply an artsy video capturing Herschel's startup success.

The Herschel marketing team mentions Hootsuite, but they do it authentically and remain primarily focused on the appreciation they have for their social media community.

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This video doesn't have the feel of a traditional advertisement -- instead, it feels unique and true to Herschel, highlighting Hootsuite as both a helpful and unobtrusive partner. You don't always need a ton of text or a video to convey your message -- sometimes, you just need images.

Kapost's infographic does a fantastic job of quickly providing the fundamental statistics a potential customer would need to know, without boggling down their readers with dense paragraphs. The infographic includes percentages, customer quotes, and colorful charts to provide the viewer with both numerical and emotional reasons they might choose Kapost. Originally published Aug 14, AM, updated September 05 He mentioned the "" rule of whitepapers, which I thought you would find interes Contact Us.

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The desire to enhance academic achievements. Different priorities. They meet by phone weekly, and in person every four to six weeks. They set the top-line strategy and messages that are deployed through the local channels managed by Council members. It is a clear indication that Daft's "think global, act local has moved from euphemism to imperative.

By fully engaging the talent of Coke's global communications force, Tuggle has determined that the skeletal corporate staff is sufficient to handle the company's more centralized issues. He drafted former Vienna colleague Sonya Soutus to be the new corporate media gatekeeper and spokesperson. Soutus is supported by three experienced staffers. Internal communications, public affairs, diversity council, agency relationships, and the company's plus-year archives are similarly structured, and are also managed under Tuggle's mantle.

In a stark departure from the past, Tuggle has implemented new rules of engagement. We are going to provide reporters with facts, and when we have to say no, we're going to help people understand why, says Tuggle.

He claims that Coke is now a "spin-free shop. I am dead serious about this because credibility comes from speaking the facts.

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In the past two months, company critics at the Financial Times and Beverage Digest were given carte blanche access to company facilities and leadership. Tuggle says he is determined to "debunk the mythology that Coke is losing market share to Pepsi. He says that in every corridor except the United States, Coke is the de facto leading marketer and model of innovation.

Tuggle has thrown down the gauntlet of transparency to publicly challenge those perceptions. It sounds like the real thing. Five kinds of purpose washing and the brands guilty of doing it Have you registered with us yet? Register now to enjoy more articles and free email bulletins. Stay signed in. Five kinds of purpose washing and the brands guilty of doing it.