Saving a drowning victim essay

I felt my brain fuzz with the onset of asphyxia. I tried with great effort to swim back up to the surface, but I sank faster. My heart started beating frantically, desperate for sweet oxygen. But it was no use. The oxygen I had had moments earlier was spent and I was left with a headache, dizziness. After a long while of suffering, my thoughts and memories were taken away, and I returned to the bottom of the lake. A sense of anguish, more so than pain, had taken rule of his heart, and he was extremely light-headed. Maybe the upper content of his head was little more than a spiral of wool, which was slowly turning as it unravelled.

One more revolution, and the final strand would release, to allow his mind to slip through the gap, and float slowly up and away. Now he was drifting, drifting, drifting down through a bed of gently swaying strands of seaweed, to be crowned by the vertical green fronds as they wrapped around his head. As his feet touched down on the ocean floor, Jonah exhaled his final breath, which rose in a fascinating stream of bubbles back to the surface from whence it came. My arms and legs kick out desprately as I try to swim to the surface. The dark indigo water swirles around me, trapping me, keeping me from the oxygen I needed.

My entire body is throbbing, my lungs feel as though they've been set on fire. Slowly, black begins to seep in at the edge of my vision. I try to open my mouth to breathe, but I only got salty water.

Then, ever so slowly, everything faded away. Painfully, quietly. I didn't want to die like this, but it was too hard to try to fight, so I simply let the darkness take over me. When I fall beneath the waves I expect to come back up, and I do. But each chance to breathe becomes further apart, each breath less than the last. Before I go under that final time I know I have been kissed by the sun for the last time.

The current takes me down and I strain for the light that dims above. The water rushes in like it owns me. It enters cold and murky, stealing away the air that could save this fragile body. I can taste it, like a dirty river, foul and unclean. My limbs are moving like some stupid clockwork doll and my mind is loosing focus faster than a child at a fun fair. Only there is no fun, only fear, fear enough to make me fight harder for the light.

I need my head to break the surface before the strength leaves my limbs. I need my movements to be calm and calculated but my primitive reaction has taken control and I thrash with no more mind than a monkey in a whirlpool. Tina moves her arms like she's climbing rocks but it's only water around her — water that washes around her body preventing access to precious air.

After only a few seconds her brain is in full panic, there are no coordinated movements, just clawing through the thin liquid that threatens to invade her lungs. From her lips comes an explosion of air bubbles, moving away from her at a peculiar angle. She almost realizes she isn't facing upwards, that she's struggling perpendicular to the surface, but already her thoughts are groggy. Her limbs slow down, stop and she floats in the current like a doll. When Dana clasps her wrist she is unaware, but slowly she is towed upward to the daylight above Hue was enveloped by the dark indigo body of water.

The incredible pressure compressed her chest, forcing her lungs to burn as if on fire. Her heart began hammering, increasing in intensity and speed, like a bird trapped in a cage. Her throat seared in agony with the rising pressure of trapped air. Head pounding with panic, threatening to explode any second. Hue gave into the pressure and took a breath of air, only to engulf a gush of salty water.

She tasted the filthy ocean, foul and polluted. Opening her mouth again, this time to scream, Hue let out a string of bubbles.

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Despair filled her with every struggling gulp. Icy cold water was thrust up her nostrils, a stream cascaded into the back of her throat and nose, sending jets of pain through her body. Slowly, the commotion and chaotic sounds of the sea drowned out to a low hum, buzzing at her ears, gradually muting into silence, one with the darkness.

She gave up on the screaming, on the thrashing, allowing the water to hold her body in a sustained position beneath the sea. As her vision blurred out and her consciousness faltered, her body became numb and she waited in resignedness for the numbing hands of death to suck away every last piece of life left in her. The ice breaks beneath my boots: cold water, no breath, pain. The sunlight that was so strong just seconds ago is a blur. My arms flail against the icy water that steals heat from every part of my skin.

My head hits ice. Bubbles brush my cheek. One hand finds the gap, shooting into the wintry air. Analysis is to carefully write elements of written text, artwork, or discussion. This is usually a response to instructions from the teacher. Writing analysis uses textual or artwork clues to form inferences behind important summaries and work.

Bondi Lifeguards Resuscitate Korean Tourist Ryan Kim (Dead for 5 minutes!)

You can learn how to write analysis with careful reading, summarizing, and detailed writing. Select a comment for each element of the text you want to analyze. If you are reading literary text, you can highlight figurative languages, underlined themes, letters, diagrams, and setting parentheses. Taking a note at the end of the page makes it easier to remember the importance of a particular sentence. My favorite poem I recall the difficult times I have to overcome in my life, so I chose Sharon Alls' s poem "Feared Drowned" as my favorite poem.

In my life, I learned that this was the perfect person, I fell in love with it, and lived a happy life. Yes, this did not happen. Yes, we developed a romantic engagement as we have common interests. The relationship in real life is more like "the real world" than "Romeo and Juliet". Dissolution of a couple is a fact of life. Fear is fish, but it is not so. Phil likes to fear, but he is not.

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Fear of drowning is a complex phobia. All aquatic organisms encounter this fear in the early or late stages. Fear of drowning is a fear of seeing the extinction of happiness. Fish like swimming, they will freeze when they are afraid of drowning. When fish overcomes this fear they will be free as they hit themselves. Hydrophobic phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes fear of drowning. Panic is usually very intense and affects the quality of life of people. People with hydrophobic mania sometimes feel uncomfortable as they are seeing a lot of water and pools.

Buncrana tragedy: Man who saved baby regrets he could not do more for drowning family

People with hydrophobic mania are more likely to drown than others who actually can not swim because their panic can become very intense when they find themselves underwater. The second is claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder; it is strong fear because it is in a small enclosed space or limits what you can do.

Congested elevators, rooms without windows, sitting on an airplane, etc. Phobia is an anxiety disorder in which someone has a strong and unreasonable fear for a particular thing or situation. Anyone with a high level of anxiety is at risk of developing phobias. One of the most common phobias is claustrophobia or fear of enclosed space.

Essay on I Almost Drowned -- essay about myself, Personal Experience

People with claustrophobia may panic in elevators, planes, crowded rooms, or other narrow places. The cause of anxiety disorders such as phobia is thought to be a combination of genetic vulnerability and life experience.

With proper treatment, claustrophobia and other phobias can usually be overcome. Write a comparison between "the most drowning in the world" and "drowning giant", please comment in detail on how the authors use the language to convey their theme.