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Classification 1. The background of L2s and EFL is so different that the teaching material and pedagogy have been adjusted with each group of learners. Yet, the distinction of these terms is increasingly problematic Nunnan, Referring to the case of Singapore, the use of English has exceeded its function as the working language.

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It can be anticipated that there will be greater diversification in this language for the increasing demand for learning English and the spread of ESL and EFL. Something interesting is that by some accounts English L2 speakers outnumbered the L1 speakers Crystal, Another critical aspect of this issue is the idea of Standard English. Typically, the standard gives the variety the status of being a language, and other varieties are commonly considered dialects and, thereby, deemed substandard Roy, In the U.

The situation faced by the Black is well described by Crystal , the designation of a standard becomes a form of social capital facilitating access to high education, employment, status and privilege. It is not hard to see the following phenomenon in Hong Kong. Recently, a couple of actors in Hong Kong become popular partly because the youngsters adore their L1 background. People would prefer to learn English from native speakers.

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The influence of Standard English Ideology is worldwide. From the above cases, it is noticeable that the Standard English Ideology is one of the dominant ideas that deeply affect the world. Because of its long existence, a number of drawbacks are apparent. As what we have been facing, there is the problem of dialect inequality and discrimination.

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Furthermore, as now English is turning into a global language, this problem will be intensified. That arouses the L2 speakers ethical consciousness. Moreover, a significant number of linguists believe that language and culture are inseparable. Having the ethical consciousness and adding with the socio-cultural consciousness, some show their reluctance to adapt neither the British nor American Standard.

All these are undesirable things for both learning and teaching process. Besides the existence of those problems, a new dilemma arises with English functioning as a world language: How to mark the standard for EGL? Which variety should people choose?

Who can have the authority to do so? There is a possible answer.

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The growth of EGL would probably lead to the spread of western imperialism. In this way, English turns out becoming a weapon which facilitates racial inequality. The International Ownership Of English Since quite a number of defects of the Standard English Ideology are notified, more linguists and educators raise out the notion of internationally owned English, pinpointing the unfavourable consequences of the Standard English Ideology. Under this idea, every person who can speaker English would have the right to own English and have the same power as native speakers on the evolution of English.

Most linguists and educators are in favour of this idea since people cannot evade the truth that the L2 speakers do play a part in contributing to the evolution of English, no matter what they are regarded as and language should not be a tool for suppressing less powerful group in the world. Still, the idea has some unsettled aspects that need further discussion. For the educational sector, the main focus in recent years is what the new teaching programmes and pedagogy should be under this notion.

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It is obvious that is a big challenge for educators in this transformation period. Which variety should they teach?

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No wonder, having more L2 speakers from different ethic and social background contributing to the English development, more varieties of English will be created. Can the mutual intelligenbility among the future English speakers still be high? Will the level of the mutual intelligenbility of those varieties be too low for defining they are the same language? All these questions concern with the language itself and the direction of its development.

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Now, many linguists and educators work hard to resolve the problems above. Thus, lots of articles and conferences about this topic are published or held. Nevertheless, even those problems have been settled down, the idea of internationally owned English is still far away form putting into practice. To implement the idea of English international ownership, very likely, that role represents the abolishment of the Standard English Ideology. It may involve power struggle between classes in the society. However, on the side of L2 speakers, this idea does not necessarily sound good to them.

People growing up with the environment of Standard English Ideology have usually accepted that ideology unconsciously. Most of them have never thought that is a problem. In this situation, people would simply feel shocked with the uprooting of the Standard English Ideology. In addition, the idea of standardized language not only occurs in English, but in other languages as well.

Interviews were audio recorded and they were transcribed, thematized and presented in narrative form. The findings were presented employing descriptive technique of qualitative data analysis. The findings of the study revealed that unsupportive behavior of the supervisors and difficulties of selecting the appropriate field or area of the study are major challenges while writing the thesis in English Education.

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