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But that's not the real joke. The real joke is that it was written. A person enrolled in a major university in this country wrote that with the intention of submitting to a college professor. And the only reason it was even written in the first place was to pass some kind of smell test for the NCAA.

Academic Scandal Shocks UNC

Here's the Real Story. The A. Sean Newell. Filed to: ncaa. Retrieved July 15, With several United States senators at a hearing Wednesday questioning whether the NCAA and its member schools care about the well-being of college athletes.

UNC Student Rosa Parks Essay Shows Flaw in College Athletic Education

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Columbia, S. The academic scandal that has tainted the University of North Carolina athletics department is disgusting, despicable and altogether not surprising. Durham Herald-Sun. The review of UNC's academic irregularities found professors not showing up to hold classes.. Retrieved Retrieved July 23, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

The UNC QB Who Wrote The Famous 148-Word "Rosa Parks Essay" Speaks Out

She was awarded the Robert Maynard Hutchins award, April 22, Retrieved 1 July Happiness Is a Warm TV. Retrieved July 26, Here's the Real Story". Retrieved August 6, June 8, It is their school, their alma mater, their favorite program. North Carolina is important to them. That is just one person, though.

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North Carolina has had at least two others make claims against the school. I mean, it worked once to prevent this from becoming a bigger story, ruining North Carolina tradition and lore, as well as putting their sports programs in a position of NCAA scrutiny, so why not do it again? Well, because it is wrong. Not in a factual way per say, but in the way the school should go about proving its innocence.

But the academic side and our athletic director and our president want me to emphasize that academic side every single day, and they want our players to understand that. So, North Carolina wants Williams to push academic ideals, but not be involved with the actual academic process at all. Maybe that is a broken system, or Williams changing the idea of the system, but that is about as dumb a comment to make after claiming ignorance. So, um, okay?

But Rashad McCants being, apparently, everything wrong with the world does not make him wrong, either. Just because the messenger comes with some baggage of his own, does not mean the bags he is trying to drop off does not come with truth in it — or at least some nuggets of truth. Usually, sadly, most people who are large reasons for scandals breaking open ex: Jose Canseco are not exactly known to be the best humans walking the planet. That this a vendetta move, one everyone saw coming, and as soon as McCants is proven a fraud that all of this will go away again. That multiple accusations are just too much and UNC must be hiding something.

And all of those things might be true, or at least true to some degree, but all it does is add context to an incredibly complex and deep issue. How did that work out?

Although, we know about hoping in one hand and doing something in another. But there is a solution to this incredibly complex debacle.